Elysium Garden Nature in Art Mural

4.30 pm

A Dynamic Mural Reflecting the Ever-Evolving Relationship between Nature and Creativity"

Concept Dea Baker

Artists Gabe Weiss

AI Art

5.00 pm

Jose Aragon Ai Photography

Christine de Lassus Curating Ai Art

Aude Rech Artist


5.30 pm

Fashathon Competition 

Rosmon Sidikh

Krishnan Sangameswaran

Emotional Intelligence using The Power of Words

3.00 pm

For Parents and Kids

Through Painting and Expression Artists Ramiro Alban

Deborah Sawaf

Upcycling Fashion

5.00 pm

Repurposing & Redesigning

Tote bag day1

Clothing day 2

Sustainable Fashion show room

Bridget Artise NYC Sustainable Fashion Week NYC

Metaverse Luxury Fashion

6.30 pm

Metaverse Cameron Malinur 

Yasmina Katezani  Marketing Gamification

MetaHug Co Founder Lian Phang & Co Founder Joshua Johnson 

7-11 years and parents 

A Cultural Ideation Workshop Competition
Play2learn By MetaHug"

"Build Msheireb World on Roblox"

Elysium Garden

In this creative workshop concept, participants will have the opportunity to transform waste from nature into a wall art murals.

It embodies a dynamic narrative, mirroring not just the changes in the wall itself but also reflecting the visual transformations crafted by the passage of time and external elements such as sun, wind, and rain. This evolving canvas is an artistic testament to the constant interplay between nature and creativity, the  canvas wall will be divided into dedicated spaces, each allocated to both art students and established artists for an agreed-upon period. 




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