Jose Aragon


José Aragón lives in Madrid where he is recognized as a force in photography and AI-enhanced digital art, and renowned worldwide for his captivating visual stories.

Academically Aragón ventured beyond traditional boundaries, acquiring a degree in Geology from the Complutense University of Madrid, where he realized his true calling in photography, the intricate designs and textures within geological forms leading him down the path of visual exploration.

José expanded his horizons into film direction as well, studying at the prestigious New York Film Academy , enriching therefore his visual narrative sensitivity.

Throughout his professional career, José has demonstrated versatility across a spectrum of photographic genres, including fashion, editorial, portraiture, and commercial advertising.

This took him through the fashion capitals of London, New York, Milan, and Tokyo, where he assimilated various cultural influences, broadening his narrative scope.

A milestone achievement was receiving the coveted AFAEP award in London, a recognition that propelled him onto the global arena.

His photographs have graced the pages of major fashion magazines and the advertising campaigns of top fashion brands, showcasing his versatility and keen eye for beauty.

Beyond commercial success, Aragon's artistic achievements extend to the art world, his photographs having been featured in renowned institutions such as The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tōkyōto Bijutsukan) and the artist360 Contemporary Week in Madrid 2024.

These exhibitions underscore his significance as a contemporary artist, highlighting his ability to transcend the boundaries between fashion and fine art, and affirming his global appeal and influence in shaping visual culture.

In alignment with the dynamic shifts within the art industry, José has integrated AI technology into his repertoire, pioneering in the creation of fashion fine art that transcends traditional creative limits.

José Aragón's steadfast dedication to depicting life's magnificence, rooted in reality or through digital innovation, solidifies his pioneering status in the spheres of photography andAIartistry.