Deborah Sawaf

A creative mind combined with a philanthropic attitude makes her a tangible catalyst, who is capable of creating an impact, thanks to a diverse community of change makers and authentic cultural disruptors.

Visionary, because she started the conversation for positivity and trust with focus on empathy 

Deborah Sawaf, a Bombay-born, Italian & LA trained (FIDM) designer with a global, pro-woman stance, is empowering change through


With decades-long fashion experience to birth a new, purpose-first fashion brand and art collection, the renowned designer has created a movement The Power of Words — a brand that is anchored in its mission to break down the barriers around the stigma of mental health. The Power of Words was nominated by the Camara Nazionale della Moda Italiana and the UN for the first Social

Sustainable brand in the world.

Having worked with fashion legends the likes of John Galliano, Valentino, and Roberto Cavalli, and as the highly successful Founder & Creative Director of her own label, Thale Blanc, Sawaf has long sealed her legacy as a globally celebrated fashion visionary.

In spite of her tremendous professional success, the work she is most proud of, is that motivated purely by altruism, She was presented the "True Altruist" award by The Angelino Magazine. Founder of 'The Happy Project' by Thale Blanc. 

Never one to take her privileged life for granted, Sawaf is a supporter and mentor for women around the globe, involved in women’s economic and business conferences from Washington DC to Qatar to her current home base of LA. A devoted mother of 3 and partner in life and business with her husband, Sawaf is ready to step on the gas and go, breeding change to everyone she can touch and help with her impeccable taste, talent and fast forward energy