Aude Rech

Aude Rech, an accomplished AI artist, Art Director, and Art Curator, pioneers the fusion of art and technology. With a diverse background spanning fine art, robotics, web technology, metaverse, and blockchain, she leverages AI to enrich artistic creation and curation.

As Co-Concept Director and Creative Director at TEFFA EVENTS, Aude leads the conceptualization and execution of large-scale Physical Web3 and metaverse projects, spotlighting the unique contributions of technology innovators and professionals in digital and physical art. With over four decades of experience, her acute awareness of emerging trends and talent guarantees captivating experiences for global audiences.

Aude's insights into AI's impact on art and her innovative spirit push the boundaries of traditional practices.

As a creative director and curator, Aude conceptualizes and produces large-scale Web3 and metaverse projects, showcasing digital and physical art. With over four decades of experience, her keen eye for emerging trends and talent creates engaging experiences for global audiences.

Aude's dynamic career includes teaching Animation and Design at Parsons School of Design, where she shares her expertise with professionals and artists. Collaborating with the Air Paris Agency, she excels in branding, strategy, advertising, and creative direction.

Her collaborations extend to renowned institutions like the Museum of Natural History, New York, enriching her perspective on art and technology.

Aude's creativity shines as she seamlessly integrates technology and art, exemplified by her AI conceived Monumental Sculpture selected for Norman Foster's architectural design for Marseille Airport Terminal.

Additionally, Aude's groundbreaking achievement includes co-conceiving with Dea Baker the world's first Fashion Supply Chain Blockchain, from origin to return, powered by the innovative concept of the C.U.R.E system through, establishing her as a leader in sustainable fashion and innovative design.